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Policies on Apprenticeship Training

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The Liberal and the Country Party's commitment to a major review of apprenticeship training makes nonsense of yesterday's claim by Mr Cameron that we would retard the growth of apprenticeship training and dismantle the . apprenticeship training scheme. ' *

In our review we will seek to encourage more young men and women to enter appropriate trades and to see that existing methods of training meet the needs of today's society.

We will do this in co-operation with the employee- and employer organisations and the States. Our policy, announced more than two weeks ago, recognises the great importance of dedicated and highly skilled tradesmen in Australia.

Where unemployment or redundancy occurs, due to technological or economic change, we will assist with re­ training and in t he'Statgs,. relocation and housing, where it is necessary and unavoidable. '

Our training and retraining programmes will be designed to discriminate in favour or groups who have hitherto been disadvantaged, and we will be sedcing to make much greater opportunities available·for Women, so that those already in the workforce may not be denied equal opportunity.

We will promote recognition of adult apprenticeship- and wider opportunities for retraining.. - · ■ ,;

We recognise that employers should not use the opportunities thus created to downgrade or reclassify particular job classifications.

. In any development of adult apprenticeship the

existing entry of: young men and women into trades will be ■ · safeguarded. - · ■ ■ .

Mr Cameron might care to read the section of our : policy statement containing comprehensive provisions to strengthen retraining programmes. It could assist him in re­ drafting his own retraining proposals, which Mr Whitlam has so

far refused to allow through Cabinet.

CANBERRA 26 April 1974