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Opening of National House

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« . Λ M e d i a r e l e a s e

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(a project of the National Party of Australia - Queensland)

at Southport, 2nd November, 1974

Point from an address by the Leader of the Country Party >

• . RT. -HON. J. D. ANTHONY, M.P ■ ·

The Whitlam Government's failure to act strongly against

inflation may not be simply the result of incapacity or unwillingness

to deal with the problem. .

There is no doubt that the Labor. Party is intent on changing .

Australia in the direction of socialism, in accord with the party's


Many pieces of legislation already introduced have taken

Australia along this course.

But there is a much faster way to bring about change, and that

is through the economic mechanism. . , -

As the Treasurer, Mr. Crean, said recently, quoting this

year's Nobel Prize-winning economist, Hayek: "There is no subtler

no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than

to debauch the currency."

And of course the quickest and surest way to debauch the currency,

to destroy the value of people's money and savings, is to let

inflation run unchecked. .

If the Government accepts Mr. Crean's point - and I certainly

do - then we must ask why the Government is not doing much more about

the insidious destruction of our currency.

Mr. Crean also made the point that our whole social and economic

system is based on a reasonable continuing stability of our money.

He admits - and I support him - that what is happening in

Australia today is not meeting this requirement of reasonable and

continuing currency stability. .

What the Treasurer is saying, and what I say, is that our

social and economic structure is under threat.

What is incomprehensible to me is that the Treasurer can be

/saying this while the Government of which he is a senior member

is doing so little about the situation.

Mr. Crean is an honest and decent man. The tragedy is that

he is not treated by the Government with the respect that his

honesty, and the realism of his views, demands.

What, must be assumed, therefore, is that the Government's .

failure to deal effectively with inflation is not the result of

unwillingness or inability, but of deliberate, calculated strategy.

The strategy is to place the Australian people in a position

of dependence on government dependence fcr their health, their

welfare, and for a growing number, their incomes.

And the reasoning is that as inflation worsens through the

neglect of the Government, more and more people will turn in

desperation to the Government seeking intervention, control and

stricter central management in an effort to cope with tie ravages

of the Government's inflationary strategy. . .

The Whitlam Government cannot expect the people to go on

forever believing the Government is speaking the truth when it says

it supports full employment, low interest rates, and inflation

control while these things are happening. '

The Australian people are being led into a situation in

which they are likely to become their own conspirators in.bringing

about much faster the socialist society which is the ultimate

objective ~ the stated objective - of the Labor Party.

2nd November, 1974 .

(National House is a building housing the Gold Coast headquarters

of the National Party of Australia - Queensland, office space,

club rooms and function rooms.)