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Damages for Strike Losses

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Statement at Rocknampton by the Leader of the Country Party,

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Rt. Hon. J. D. Anthony, M.P. .

Serious consideration should be given to providing means

to allow civil action for damages, to be taken against unions

engaging in illegal strikes.

Where a union calls a strike for purposes not related to the wages and work conditions of its members, then individuals

or firms suffering losses as a result of the strike should be able to sue the union for damages. .

This would help to counter the use of the stbike as a political weapon by left wing and communist extremists in the union movement. .

There should also be provision for civil action against

unions which strike in defiance of agreements not to strike.

As a further means of reducing the grip of militant union leaders on the industrial situation, voting in union elections

should be compulsory and by secret ballot. ' -

This should be the case especially where powerful unions

and strategic industries are involved.

The elections should be conducted or supervised by the

Commonwealth Electoral Office. .

Very few union members vote in elections for their union

officials and this allows militant leaders to win control.

Released in Canberra .

2nd September, 1974