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Roads Bill Success

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Statement by the Leader of the Australian Country Party >\Mr Anthony j

Funds will begin flowing to Local Government Councils throughout

Australia soon because the Government has accepted Opposition

amendments to Roads Bills. .

It is the only sensible resolve to what promised to be an

unworkable situation in which the Government intended to place

Councils. .

Shadow Transport Minister, Mr Peter Nixon, deserves and has

received thanks from all sides for his handling of the issue.

His efforts are responsible for the successful resolve of

this problem.

It will be repalled that Mr Nixon wrote to every Local

Government Council and organisation in Australia to explain that the

Government would cut off funds unless it could gain control over all

expenditure on roads by Local Councils. · .

As a result of these operations Mr Nixon received hundreds

of telegrams, letters and 'phone calls of support urging him to'

ensure that the Government accepted these amendments.

That has now been dene. ' ■

CANBERRA, · ■ ’ ■

23 AUGUST, 1974 .