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Government's Attack on Wool Corporation

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Statement by the leader of the Country Party, PtVHon. J.D. Anthony / 1 . I have never heard such a violent attack on. a...chatu.t omy-body as that made by the Government today on the A u stralian Wool


Far from substantiating with evidence the unsupported

allegations of the Member for Eden-Monaro, Mr. W h a n , the Government

today launched a far stronger attack on the Corporation and its

members and staff than Mr. Whan made last w e e k .

Mr. W h a n 1s failure today to produce the evidence he claims to

hold exposes the Government's resort to completely false and

unjustified allegations in an attempt to discredit the Corporation.

. 1 do not recall hearing such vicious personal attacks as

those made against individual mej'"bers of the Corporation by the

Minister for Northern Development, Dr. Patterson.

It is -quit e_ el ear th a t the-G ove rnr.en t - is ..setting..'-.:: t -either

. to._dor.troy the-·Corporation,. or to clear t h e ground ..tor a complete ' "

restructuring. . c f . . . i t , involving .the ..removal, of · th.e...prescnt. board...

The--Corporation1 s.. ability to._carry out its functions in the

interests—o f the w ool industry was severely unrerminea. by . Mr.._ W h a n 1 s.

allegations last week. -

Today's -murk stronger at the. . iDnis f e-r f o r Northern

DeveJLcpment has placed ..the .Corporation in an. impossible position,

and._seriously..damaged, its integrity and .ifc5-...capacity, . . .

effectively, discharge · its responsibilities..

The Wool- industry as a whole will be shocked..„and..angered..

by the ..Government' s vitriolic attack on the Corporation. ·

CANBERRA 23 July 1974