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PM's refusal to Allow Question Time

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23 AUGUST, 1974

The Prime Minister's refusal to allow Question Time this morning reflects his total contempt for the processes of government and parliamentary democracy, the Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Mr. Phillip Lynch, said today.

"The Government's further rejection of debate on the state of the economy, that had been scheduled as a matter of public importance, is a further example of Labor's refusal to allow its economic and industrial policy to run the gauntlet of parliamentary sitting. ■ . ·

''The. /Australian people cannot trust a Government which is not prepared to take parliament into it's confidence.

"The Whitlam Government’s alleged goal of open government is not even to be allowed a decent burial.

"It is now clearly no more than a hollow electoral slogan.

"Public confidence in the economy desperately requires a firm and comprehensive statement of Government policy.

"Yet the Government is prepared to use its numbers to pre-empt debate in the parliament on the economy.

"The Government must be called to account for it's total mis­ management of the Australian economy if the principles of responsibility and democratic government are to be upheld.

"The-Prime Minister's position has been further eroded as he continues his (presumably) self-imposed role of invisible man on Australia's economic and industrial scene = V

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