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Eggleton letter

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Leader of the Opposition



I'm not surprised the Liberal Party's chief election strategist should want to bury the real issues facing Australia.

Mr Eggleton well knows that an election campaign fought on . the Government's abysmal handling of unemployment, family living standards, taxation, health costs, petrol prices, Mr Fraser's promises, and ministerial propriety, will be a disaster

for the coalition.

His only solution is to try to divert public attention from the Government's failures and attempt to persuade the Prime Minister to fade into the bakcground.

Frankly, 1 dont blame him. If 1 were Mr Eggleton, I'd want to bury the Government's record of the last four years too. .

Significantly, the letter exposes the Liberal Party's shallow and cynical attitude towards public opinion. .

Prevarication and deception on the real issues facing this . country is now shown to be a deliberate policy of the Fraser Government and its advisers.


November 12, 1979