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Arab terrorism and the Munich Massacre

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I am sure that the overwhelming majority of Australian

Jews would agree with the proposition that reprisals against

innocent people are no answer to the Munich massacre.

And I am sure that all Australian Jews share my '

profound hope that Australian newspaper reports to which Senator

Murphy referred are untrue.

Senator Murphy's statement should be seen in the

context of clear support for Israel's basic cause, but of

opposition to reprisals against any innocent person as a means

of advancing that cause.

A statement by Mr Berinson M.P. in the House of

Representatives on 13 September admirably sets out my own “views

and those of my party on Arab terrorism:

"We should not allow to go unchallenged those comments by Arab spokesmen, in Australia as elsewhere, that the terrorists are a legitimate nationalist movement deserving sympathy and support rather than censure. The terrorist programme itself refutes this because, unlike

even the Arab States themselves, the terrorists do not demand an Israeli return to the 1967 borders or indeed to any other borders. On the contrary, they seek nothing less than the entire dissolution of Israel and its replacement with an Arab dominated State from which the great majority

of Jewish Israelis would be expelled. To accept such a programme as legitimate is to invite international anarchy."