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Hayden promises migrants and other workers more jobs and money in their pay packets

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The Labor Party Leader, Mr. Bill Hayden, has premised migrants and other workers more

jobs and more money in their pay packets. .

Mr. Hayden has presented a plan which would make the rich pay more in tax and the poor

less. ■

His plan v.culd ba totally different to the way the present Australian Government,

heeded by Mr. Malcolm Fraser., is acting. ' i .

Mr. Hayden's plan includes : . ·

. creating 130,000 jobs in a year

. . reducing the rate of inflation — now more than. 8 per cent — to 2.5 per cent.

He said the rich people in the cam-unity could afford to pay more to help reduce meriploy-

and create jobs. They would have to pay tax on the sale of assets worth more than


|fhis tax — on 'capital gains' — would be levied on the difference between the amount

fjthe asset was bought for and what it sold for.

|For. instance, a house that cost $250,000 and was sold for $300,000 would bring a tax on

/the $50,000 profit. Mr. Hayden said because of the limit of $200,000, only the rich

world be affected by the tax.

He also premised to bring in a tax on natural resources.

could apply to the ..amount of profit made by mining. A Labor Government also would

bring in a tax on the revenue earned by petrol companies. . · ' ’ 9 :

It would prevent the use of family trusts — which are used by most rich families — to

avoid taxation. .

It would also change the taxes paid by tlie top two per cent of income earners — once

again, the very richest people. These people at present were able, by using clever

lawyers, to avoid paying the sane amount of tax as poorer people.

Mr. l.iyden said migrants suffered as a group more than others because of this. Migrants

did not know how to cheat the tax laws and paid the full amount out o. their salary.

Mr. Hayden said he vxxild aim to get unemployment dewn to two per cent of the work fores.

The rate at present is 7.5 per cent.

The Australian Labor Party has for some time been concerned at the difficulties of the ethnic press in getting information about political events in Australia.

/ . ' ■

To meet this need, the ALP is to produce a weekly digest of political news and events.

It will aim to meet the needs of newspapers and other media serving migrant conaniinities.

'We will follow up tiiis series in visits to as many editors of the I hope that you will then be able to tell us whether the digest meets your requirements or whether it could be improved in any way. j .

the weeks to come by personal ethnic media as possible.