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Shadow Ministry

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Leader of the Opposition

Press Statement No. 29 January 1976


Mr Whitlam has allocated the following responsibilities to the members of the Executive of the Federal Parliamentary Labor P a r t y :

Hon. E.G. Whitlam, Q.C.

Hon. T. Uren

Sen*, the Hon. K.S. Wriedt

Sen. J.B. Keeffe

Hon. K.E. Beazley

Hon. L.K. Bowen

Mr R. Willis .

Sen. The Hon. J.M. Whdeldon

Mr C.J. Hurford

Sen. D.J. Grimes

Hon. P.J. Keating ■

Mr M.J. Young

Foreign Affairs '

Urban and Regional Affairs

Minerals and Energy

Northern Australia, Aboriginal Affairs

Education, Defence

Attorney-General " V·.' .■':·.■·.·_·····'; -··.··.-Industrial Relations

Repatriation & Compensation, Media and Films ,


Social Security .


Industry & Commerce (including Overseas Trade and Tourism), Business & ·

Consumer Affairs'

Hon. G.D.D. Scholes ,...Postal and Telecommunications

Commissions, Manager of Opposition Business in the House of Representatives

Sen, J.N. Button Construction

H o n . M.H. Cass Health

Hon. R.F.X. Connor Science

Sen. the Hon. D. McClelland Administrative Services, Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate

Mr P •F. Morris ' Transport

Sen.J. A. Mulvihill Environment ,

Mr U .E. Innes . Immigration


Parliam ent H o u se, Canberra, A C T . 2 6 0 0