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Hurlstone agricultural high school

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I-ruRLSTONB AGRICULTURAL HIGH SCHOOL . Cnmmomora l;ion of 50 years at Glonfi old, NSW. 13 August 1976

Statement bv the Hon E.G. Vhitlam, Q.C.H. P . '

Γίιο Budget would be judged on how it dealt with Australia's growing employment crisis, particularly among young people, Mr E.G. Vhitlam, M . P , .for Werpiva and Leader of the - Opposition,' said today. ’ .

' "The present generation of school leavers is the most educated Australia has produced", he said. "Yet they are the ones who ' find it hardest to get jobs." ·

Mr Whitlam was speaking at a ceremony at Hurstone Agricultural. High School ■ to commemorate the school's establishment ειΐ Glcnfield 50 years ago.

He said unemployment was worst among young people, especially'· in country towns and in the outer suburbs of the major cities.

Boys from Hurl3tone Agricultural High School would be · among the best educated and best qualified in their field in Australia. The nation was in urgent need of their s k i l l s y e t many would find it ·

difficult to get suitable employment. - · · ■ · ■ -

It was Mr Vhi’ tlam's fourth visit to the school since 197Ο. He attended the annual Speech Days in 1970, 1971 and 1973·

He said the sthool, established in 1907 at the old Teachers Training College at Hurlstone Park with 30 pupils and 21 a c r e s . of land, now had 300 acre9 and 770 'pupils. . . ■ .

It was one of the few State High Schools in New South ■ '

Vales to accept boarders, and had many dis tinguished old boys. ,

They included the Director-General of Agriculture in New South Vales, .' Mr Roy Vatts, Dr Dick Klugman, M.P. and the Professor of .

Agriculture at Sydney University," Professor Ian Watson.

. Mr Whitlam.took part in.presentations to more than .

90 old. boys, -former" staff members and people who served the school during .its $0 years at GLenfield.

- ' 1 1 My Government ensured that Hurls Lone .and all other suko.: 1.3 got tii;' resources they needed to provide the highest standards of < · . i u . - a l ion, " · Mr Vhitlam said. "This schools is one of che finest of i ls kind in Australia and has a froa f c tradition of


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