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Reconstruction of Stuart & Barkly Highways

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Work costing $15 million over three years is proposed to

improve’the Stuart and Barkly Highways in the Northern Territory,

the Minister for the Interior, Mr .Peter Nixon, announced today.

The highways were built .during World' War 11 as an emergency

measure to provide a strategic link with the southern States,

Mr Nixon said the proposals would be examined by the

Parliamentary Standing Committee on Public Works, This follows

receipt by the Government of a comprehensive report by the

Department of Works on needed improvements. The report recommended

strengthening and re-alignment and bridge construction on both

highways at a number of points, -

The completion of all recommended work will

take some years. It is proposed that a start will be .

■ made on a three year programme in 1970/71. A second

three year programme for 197.3/76 is to be examined,.

In the 1970/71 budget $2,25M was provided for

repair and maintenance of the two highways. The new '

proposals provide for design and some construction work '

■ to commence in 1970/71 on further improvements to cost

■ ■ an additional 32,3^· - · ’ ^

■ , > · ■ ■

' · · ■ . ■ Some 18 two lane bridges are currently listed '

/·. · . · . in the new proposals. -Approximately '50 miles of highway.

- 2-


are to be re-aligned and about 170 .miles are to be

strengthened. The pavement of ther highways is to be

Widened at all these points. · · . *

. In addition, to facilitating" the -movement of .

traffic, the work would improve safety and reduce flood

damage and associated delays caused to motorists..

I It was intended that the proposed prosgramme

be* kept under review in the light of future developments

and needs, Ur Nixon said.

30 October 1970