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Freehold land in Tuggeranong area of ACT

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Issued by

The Minister for the Interior

The Minister for the Interior, Mr. Peter Nixon, said

today that 11 owners- of freehold, land in the· Tuggeranong area of the A.C.Q

have been notified' of the Government's intention to acquire·

their lands for the future development >of Canberra. ·

The land to be acquired comprises" a little over ' .

22,000 acres and includes Lanyon and Cuppacumbalong Stations. .

Mr. Nixon said the surveying and designing of the area .

should commence in 1972 and development contracts would probably '

be in hand by 1973.

: It was expected that land which would not immediately

be developed could be offered back to the landholders on a ■

leasehold basis until it was required. . . ■

To assist the predicted city growth the Department had

already negotiated the withdrawal of 4450 acres from eight leases

.in the Village Creek area for the Tuggeranong development. Contracts

for servicing the land in the area could be let in 1971-7 2.

Mr. Nixon said that following the enquiry by the Joint I

Parliamentary Committee on the A.C.T. into freehold land, his 1

Department, in association with the National Capital Development

Commission had undertaken a detailed· review of future land needs

in the A.C.T. . '

An investigation of the economics of the acquisition of

all. the freehold land in"the-Territory, involving the"valuation of

all freeholds, together with improvements, had also been carried out.

• · . -4: - . . ■ " '

No decision had yet been made by the Government on its

attitude to the acquisition of the remaining freehold land in the

Territory as recommended in the report of the Joint Parliamentary

Committee on the A.C.T.

22 September 1970