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U.S. meat market comment

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Issued by:-

The Minister for the Interior


Opening the Fifth Annual Show in the Northern

Territory cattle centre of Katherine, the Minister

for the Interior, Mr„ Peter Nixon, commented on

difficulties of selling Australian meat on the

American Market 0 ' 1 ·

He said:

"I heard a news report this morning that Senator

Mike Mansfield on behalf of the meat lobby in the ;

American Congress is moving to have the cost of inspecting

Australian meat for the American market foisted onto the

Australian Industry0"

"I believe, as 1 am sure every cattle man believes,

that it is proper for every -precaution to be taken to '

meet the considered health requirements of importing . ■

nations"o .

"But with all the measures we have had to face in ■

meeting American meat requirements it seems that Senator

Mansfield is wanting to use the meat inspection service

< as a means of adding’ the Australian exporters".

"If this is true, as I suspect it is, then I

believe Senator Mike Mansfield Ought .to be hung, drawn . .

and quartered - without’ inspection - and1 roasted .on the high

altar of American protectionism"0 '


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