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Aboriginal trainees call on minister

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A group of five Aboriginal trainee,, teaching

assistants from the Northern Territory called·, on the

Minister for the Interior, Mr Peter Nixon, today, and

later watched proceedings in the House of Representative

, Their three-day programme in Canberra includes .

a scheduled call on the Minister in Charge of '

Aboriginal Affairs, Mr W.O.Wentworth, and sightseeing.

. The five trainees, all from Darwin* s Kormilda

College, are: Bunug, a second-year student whose home

is Goulburn Island Mission; Sylverius, a first-year

.,.· student of Bathurst Island Mission; Jimmy Matjera, ■

" a second-year student of Maningrida Settlement;

Neville Paulsen, first-year student, Yuendumu .

Settlement;, and Joshua Joshua, second-year student,

Roper River Settlement. They are accompanied by Kormilda

College's Youth Activities Officer, John Laws on.

Last weekend, the group competed in the Australian

Inter-Collegiate Track and' Field Championships in ' - . · . £ - ■ · · - . .

Sydney, the first time that an Aboriginal team from

Kormilda College has taken part. ■ , · ■ ■ . . , , .

In an informal half-hour meeting today, Mr Nixon

presented the group with books on Australia.

The group will later visit Melbourne„ 2

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# · · ·


Kormilda College, conducted by the Welfare

Branch of the Northern Territory Administration, provide;

post primary schooling for Aboriginal children as

well as -a special transitional year to assist- students

who have conpleted their primary schooling to enter

community high schools in Darwin. ■

, These courses are in addition· to courses of up to

two years for Aboriginal teaching assistants-who, on

completion, work in schools on settlements and.missions

throughout the Territory. ‘ .

There are already about 60. teaching assistants

helping in the education of Aboriginals in ' * ; N

. . - the Territory. · - ■ ·

Darwin/Alice Springs/Canberra r April 14, 1970


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