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Federal & State Ministers discuss future immigration

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from the d e p a r t m e n t of i m m i g r a t i o n


today to discuss a wide range of matters affecting current and future immigration programmes.

A ljlst of those attending is attached.

The Minister' for Immigration, Mr. P.R. Lynch, said that the Conference was one -of a continuing series held at frequent intervals. \ · ■ .

The Commonwealth and States co-operated closely

on all aspects of immigration. .

Ministers reviewed early progress with the

1970-71 programme which provides £or, a total of 180,000 . settlers this financial year.

The particular needs of each State were con­ sidered, and migration missions and other measures aimed

at meeting those needs were discussed. '

There was strong support by the States for the population and other studies recently initiated by

the Commonwealth and they expressed particular interest

in these as an aid to decentralisation measures. -

Among specific matters discussed at today's

meeting were: - .

. The support "being given by Australian employers

. in recruiting migrants overseas. .

. Workers' compensation provisions for migrants„

. Concessional air travel to and from Australia.

. The work of the Committee on Overseas Professional Qualifications. .

The meeting discussed the scope and need for greater employer participation in the immigration programme.

Professional and other highly trained workers,

particularly, needed firm offers of employment before .

coming to Australia.

Employers could also co-operate with. English

language training and other migrant integration activities.

Experience had shown that some migrants were

disadvantaged by restrictions on the payment of workers'

compensation to dependants living overseas. • ■ ■ j

Action v/as being taken by the States concerned

to remove this disability. *

- 3 -

Ministers also discussed concessional travel

arrangements for migrants and their farci]ies and the

possibility of these being extended.

Since these arrangements were introduced in

October, 1967, nearly 200 of these charter flights had

carried 27,500 people between Australia and migrants'


The progress being made by the Committee on

Overseas Professional Qualifications was also discussed.

, This Committee was set up early last year by agreement between the Commonwealth and States.

It had already initiated discussions with a

wide range of Professional Registration Boards and

Associations. . ·

These discussions related to Accountancy,

Agricultural Science, Architecture, Chemistry, Dentistry,

Dietetics, Engineering, librarianship, Medicine, Nursing,

Physics, Social Work, Teaching and Veterinary Science.

The Committee's first reports, which would

cover Accountancy, Engineering, and librarianship, would

be published shortly.

The next meeting will take place in K0bart in

May 1971. . ' „

Department of Immigration CANBERRA. A.C.T.

9th October, 1970.


The Hon. E.A. Willis, M.L.A., Minister for Labour and

Industry. Chief Secretary and Minister for Tourism ·

New South Wales.

The H0n. G.O, Reid, M.L.A., Attorney-General and

Minister for Immigration, Victoria.

The Hon. W.E. ICnox, M.L.A./ Minister for Industrial

Development, Queensland.

The Hon. A.F. Kneebone, M.L.C., Minister of lands,

South Australia.

The Hon. W.S. Bovell, M.L.A., Minister for Lands, Forest and Immigration, Western Australia.

The Hon. K.O. Lyons, M.H.A., Deputy Premier, Chief

Secretary and Minister for Tourism, Tasmania was represented by Mr. G. Honey, State Migration Officer.