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Agreement signed between Australia & Yugoslav Government

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■ An Agreement which would place Yugoslav

migration to Australia on an orderly and continuing

basis w as.signed in Canberra today between the

Australian and Yugoslav Governments , the Minister

for Immigration, Mr. lynch, announced today.

Mr. Lynch signed on behalf of the

Australian Government. Mr. Anton Polajner, President

of the Federal Council of labour of the Federal

Executive Council of Yugoslavia, signed on behalf of,

the Yugoslav Government. '

Mr. Polajner is on an official visit to

Australia. He is accompanied by Mr. Vladimir Rolovic,

Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs.

After the signing Mr. Lynch said that the

Agreement had established procedures for the selection

of Yugoslav workers with their families in accordance

with Australia's industrial needs. .

■There is a strong emphasis at present on

single men and breadwinners in advance of their families

in the present movement of Yugoslavs to Australia.

This has given rise to a high imbalance between the

sexes, with its attendant social problems. The Agreement

will hasten reunion of separated families and make it

possible for other families to travel together.


2 .

With the signing of the Agreement, Yugoslav

Citizens in Yugoslavia will "become eligible for

assisted passages on the same basis as that applying

to other nationalities. _

The Agreement covers the entitlement of

Yugoslav settlers to social service benefits, medical

and hospital benefits and workers compensation; to

legal protection and access to the courts.

Under the Agreement Australia undertakes

to provide facilities in Australia, including the

establishment■of classes, to assist Yugoslav workers

and their families to learn English. '

This type of Agreement will provide a

basis for better understanding between Australia and

Yugoslavia on a wide range of areas with mutual

benefits not only in the movement of people but also

with.such matters as trade following as a natural


Yugoslavs are no strangers to us, Mr.

Lynch said. There has been a long history of

successful Yugoslav settlement in Australia. In the

19201s for example there was a substantial inflow,

mainly to Western Australia.

Over recent years the numbers have

dramatically increased. Last year nearly 13,000

Yugoslavs settled in Australia -- more than two and

a half times the number in 1964/65- ·


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3 .

There are now more than 100,000 Yugoslavs

and their children in Australia, They have proved

themselves to. be industrious, well qualified in their

occupations and have quickly settled into the

community. Many more are anxious to come here and

we would be happy to have them, Mr. lynch said.

Department of Immigration,


12 February, 1970.

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