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C'wealth Games fund raising address

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FOR PRESS Canberra, October 25, 1973

Address by the Minister for Tourism and Recreation, Mr Frank Stewart, at a Commonwealth Games fund-raising function held at the Lakeside Hotel, Canberra.

Only about 14 months ago Australia's top sportsmen and women

were battling it out in the Munich Olympics, eventually recording i many brilliant results and winning eight gold medals. ;

Munich last year focused the sporting world's attention on Australia, this vast land with a small population, producing champions,

so to say, far beyond her call of duty.

Now, once again, our athletes will jet away to yet another major international contest, that of the British Commonwealth Games, held in Christchurch next January.

. I am happy and proud that our Government could play its part in this venture. As you know, we have recently made a grant of $35,000 towards the team's expenses. This, speaking in the language of sport, is a record. For the previous four Commonwealth Games the Liberal Government's illiberal contribution was always only $16,000.

On top of this grant, we will help Australian amateur sport ยท

to the tune of $1,000,000, enabling the various amateur associations to send their teams to major international competitions, to hold these

in Australia and to stage their national championships. -We believe this is not only the privilege but the*duty of a Government, a fact clearly ignored by our predecessors. .

We will carefully examine and evaluate every request for aid and hope to be as fair and just as humanly possible.

But I want to issue a word of warning here, in case some people rub their hands in glee over the discovery of what they may regard

as a milch cow.

Our sports aid program is designed to help only those who are

also prepared to help themselves. We have not the slightest intention of becoming the wet nurses of Australian sport. We have

no wish to pick up the full tab for any sporting body, not only '

because that would be too costly but because that would inevitably

lead to a condition of muscular atrophy of our sporting officials.