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Tourist Ministers' Conference

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Parliament House,

· , ■ CANBERRA. A.C.T. 2600

‘ 21st September, 1973.


The Minister for Tourism and Recreation, Mr. Frank Stewart, today called for Commonwealth-State unity in, the interests of the Australian tourist industry.

Mr. Stewart was speaking at .the Australian Tourists Ministers' Conference held at the Sydney Opera House.

He admitted that the recent’ Budget, had failed to provide all the incentives that the industry had sought. ( .

He recommended an urgent" investigation into" Australian Tourism- which had been in a constant state of flux tor years. · .

The Conference, attended by Ministers and Directors of all States expressed its support for the. Australian"Tourist"Commission, recent target of criticism of the Coombes task force.

’ It also rejected the conclusions of the Coombes Report that the tourist industry was prosperous, not requiring, any. assistance.

, The Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation, Mr. Charlie Jones and Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation, Sir Donald Ander^son, also attended the meeting. ■

Mr. Jones told the State Ministers that he would be always happy to receive suggestions which might help the tourist industry .

He said that the proposed l l h per cent average increase"in domestic airfares would result in a much smaller rise in economy fares than first class ones. ' . - . .

He promised he would investigate a South Australian complaint . about the 7 cent per route mile between Sydney and Adelaide,: claimed to be one of the highest in the country. .

Mr. Jones also undertook to examine the possibility of cheaper standby airfares. , .

Concerning the problem of attracting more overseas tourists, he said he was willing to allow as much concessional travel t o · Australia as the airline industry could carry. ·

. In order to better co-ordinate the interests of Qantas and the Australian Tourist Commission, he would consider.adding to the Qantas Board somebody with a thorough knowledge of tourism.

21st September, 1973.