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Naval Specialist assists Diver with "Bends"

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The release was initially issued in Canberra on the date indicated "below, NAVY NEWS INFORMATION


i m m e d i a t e r e l e a s e


A Navy doctor who specialises in underwater medicine

flew last night to New Guinea in a Canberra bomber to supervise

the treatment of a 21 year old.civilian diver from Lae ‘

suffering from decompression sickness. : . · ·

Surgeon LCDR Carl Edmonds, head of the RAN school

of Underwater Medicine at EMAS PENGUIN, Balmoral, Sydney,'left

Richmond RAAE Base soon after 8 p.m. He was due at Port

Moresby at about 11.30 p.m.

The Navy was asked to provide medical assistance

earlier yesterday when PNG Administration health authorities

asked if the diver could be placed in a decompression chamber

at HMAS TARANGAU, Manus Island.

A Naval clearance diving team which has been in New

Guinea for three, months clearing and making safe unexploded

wartime ordnance was in Port Moresby and made available a _

one-man decompression chamber.

The officer in charge of the team, LEUT D.G.iJ. Moore,

and two sailors took the chamber by air from Port Moresby to

Lae. The diver was placed in the chamber and flown to

Manus Island.

An ambulance net the aircraft at Manus Island last

night and took the diver in the one-man chamber to the

Naval establishment, HMAS TARANGAU, whore lie was transferred

to the larger chamber at the base hospital.

Surgeon LCDR Edmonds who had been consulted by

telephone by doctors in New Guinea during the afternoon was .

made available last night to supervise the treatment personally.

As no civilian flights were to be made to New Guinea

until this morning the RAAF made-available a Canberra bomber.



- 2-

Surgeon LCDR Edmonds the bombadiers’

compartment in the nose of the Canberra.

To provide warmth during the high-altitude journey

he was given a pile of blankets by the RuLAE Hospital at


He continued his journey to Manus Island at first

.light this morning, ■ .

Surgeon LCDR Edmonds, 34, trained at Sydney University and overseas, A specialist physician* he joined the RAH three years ago.

CANBERRA, 25th June, 1970.