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DCT Industrial Development Group Established

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DCT Industrial Development Group Established

The Minister for the Capital Territory, Mr Tony Staley, said today that a report

of the ACT Committee of the Indicative Planning Council for the Housing Industry

demonstrates that there are adequate land, materials, labour and financial re­

sources in the ACT to meet anticipated needs for 1976-77.

However, the report also suggests that there is an immediate overcapacity in the

industry resulting from the downturn in the growth rate of Canberra.

At a meeting of the Building Industry Advisory Council on Tuesday industry repre­

sentatives had advised Mr Staley of their concern. They had suggested a number

of positive actions that the Government and the business community should initiate

to stimulate economic activity.

The suggestions included the provision of incentives for the development of industry

in Canberra, the allocation of leases at reserve value rather than at auction and

rent free development periods for business and commercial leases. They also

suggested that business associations should sell the advantages of Canberra as an

industrial and commercial locale.

Mr Staley said that he had advised Council that positive steps were being taken

to assist industry wishing to establish in Canberra along the lines it had

suggested. . .

A group had been set up within the Lands Division of the Department of the Capital

Territory to look urgently into specific measures which might be taken to en­

courage industrial development to provide a greater mix of employment opportunities

in the ACT.

A number of direct grants of leases for a variety of industrial activities had

already been approved.

Mr Staley said that he would encourage the implementation of any viable project

which would utilise available resources and provide needed jobs in the Territory.

This need to stimulate activity and create new jobs had been a significant factor

in the Government's decision to back the funding of the Belconnen Mall to be built

by the Canberra Commercial Development Authority.

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