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Nomad crosses Pacific for sales in U.S.

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(Statement by the Minister for Productivity, the Hon. Ian Macphee, MP) · '

. The first Nomad destined for the American market, arrived in

California yesterday (7 Nov.) after flying across the Pacific from

Sydney via the New Hebrides, the Marshall Islands and Honolulu,

including a non-stop stretch of about 3850 km over open ocean -"Og, " . ' · ■ : ·

.the longest such stretch ever flown by a Nomad.

The Minister for Productivity, Mr Ian Macphee, said this in

Canberra today (8 Nov.). .

Mr Macphee said: "The aircraft - designed and built by the

GbVernment Aircraft Factories in Melbourne - is on its way to the H O * · . ■

float-manufacturing company, Wipline, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where iFiW' '. ' · · '

iinwill be fitted with specially developed floats and submitted to tRe iris.- - · ,

US ^Federal Aviation Administration (FAA.) for certification as an ' the ' ■ -

amphibious aircraft. .

> -'The first two Nomads ordered by American customers are for

this amphibious version. '

"Further FAA certification for Nomad to operate as a regular,

public transport aircraft in the US is being processed in conjpnctiqrf

with the Department of Transport. .

"This is yet another outstanding example of the ability qf .

Australia!) industry - be it a Government factory or private enterprise

to identify and meet overseas requirements, and then to sell its I

products in the face of stiff competition, particularly in the US".

Footnpte: The FAA granted basic type certification for Npmpd

. in May 1977. · ■ .

For further information please ring Fred Witsenhuysen

482311 (office) .

tf 41i1 612 (home)

Canberra, 8 November 1977.