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Factory's safety achievement

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Mr Ian Macphee, Minister for Productivity, during a tour

of inspection of the Munitions Filling Factory, St Marys, today

(6 July) witnessed a demonstration of some of the factory's

products and later presented a safety award to mark the seventeenth

run of over 250 000 man-hours free of lost-time injury.

The Minister addressed the employees of the factory in ยท

the canteen and congratulated them upon their excellent safety

record. He said their achievement of 17 awards for 250 000

man-hours free of lost-time injury, plus three awards for over

500 000 such hours and one of over a million hours, placed the

safety record of the factory in the highest bracket of factories,

throughout Australia. .

Mr Macphee also commended the factory on the many

initiatives which have been taken in the production processes

to improve productivity. He said the Department of Productivity

was determined that in all respects its factories would .set an

example to the private sector to improve productivity as a

national objective.

The Minister said: "Industrial safety and occupational

health generally is one of the most important aspects of

productivity improvement. Employers everywhere in Australia are

complaining about the very high cost of workers' compensation,

and yet not enough have enlisted the aid of their employees to

reduce occupational injuries and occupational illnesses.


"Industrial disagreements between management and its

employees are inevitable, although they ought to be resolved

more peacefully then they now are. Nobody is content with the

amount of time and productivity loss in Australia as a result

of industrial disputes, but the magnitude of the occupational .

health problem is best understood when it is realised that much

more time and productivity is lost each year as a result of

occupational' accidents and illnesses than through industrial

disputes." . .

Mr Macphee said he and the Department of Productivity

were determined to reduce this high cost both in human terms

and economic terms. He was confident that the splendid example

of the St Marys Factory, a major manufacturer in the area, would

be followed by other factories in the vicinity and would greatly

assist the Department in promoting the need for improved industrial

safety throughout Australia. '

Dr R.E. Klugman, MHR for Prospect, Alderman Mrs E. Cammack,

Mayor of Penrith, and Sir Alan Cooley, Secretary of the Department

of Productivity, attended the safety awards presentation.