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Australian design award

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(Statement by 'the Minister for Productivity, Kr Ian Kacphee, MP)

The new Australian .Design Award label introduced by the . . · ' .

Industrial Design Council of Australia provides stronger

marketing support for high-quality products designed and

manufactured in this country. -

I believe that manufacturers whose products meet all '

the requirements which qualify them for the Australian Design .

Award will welcome this distinctive label. . ■ ' .

' Consumers will soon learn to recognise it as a mark "

of quality and good value. It will help establish a reputation

for Australia’ as a nation with a capacity for innovative, efficient

and competitively-designed products, ■

Good design means a substantial raising of value a n d .

is the positive element in enhancing'value for money. The

aim of good design is the raising of quality and the - reduction

of cost. This can mean an increased standard of living for the

consumer as well as better profit margins for the producer '

without necessarily increasing prices. ·

Design labels are being increasingly used as national

marketing aids by overseas countries, and Australian ■

manufacturers' seeking export markets will find that the . ■

Australian Design Award label is a valued mark of distinction, ■

I am especially pleased the Prince Philip Prize .for

Australian -Design .will continue to be administered by the .

Design Council and will be linked with the new award. _

" In today’s competitive markets -there is a constant need · ’

-for products' to be updated to take advantage of new technology

and changing consumer demands. That calls for design.

It .is therefore not surprising that there appears to be .

• a direct link between design performance and the success ' '

of.a company in conducting its operations. . -

. This has been an important finding in a survey. .

recently conducted by my Department, to study industrial ■

design activity in Australian manufacturing industry. The -

sales achievements of overseas companies with a strong .

design bias would further support this finding, which I believe

has its roots in a progressive company design policy. .Constant

-improvement in product design is vital to increased productivity