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What we eat

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PRESS STATEMENT by the Federal Minister for Health t h e h o n . j .j . c a r l t o n


A national survey of Australian eating habits was announced today by the Federal Minister for Health, Mr Jim Carlton. Mr Carlton said it was high time such a survey took place. The previous one was in 1944.

The survey will be funded from a grant of $93 200 to the National Heart Foundation under the Health Services Research and Development Grants Program, administered by the Commonwealth Department of Health.

The dietary survey will be part of a Risk Factor Prevalence Study to be conducted by the Foundation during 1983. A selected group of adults from all State capital cities will record what they eat during a 24-hour period.

"Knowing what Australians eat will be extremely useful for nutrition research and education". Mr Carlton said.

"Results will also be of considerable interest to the food industry."

The 1983 Risk Factor Study, which will look at a wide range of factors besides diet, is the second national survey conducted by the Foundation.

"The dietary findings will be an interesting and worthwhile follow-up of the 19 80 Risk Factor Study, which found that 48% of men over 35 years and 42% of women over 40 years were overweight or obese", Mr Carlton said.

"Linking the dietary survey to the national risk factor survey is a highly efficient way of collecting dietary data."

Mr Carlton thanked the National Heart Foundation for its co-operation. "The national studies provided an important up-to-date profile of Australians' health." "

"The single most important step towards improving the health of Australians would be an effective prevention program", Mr Carlton said. "By pinpointing the nature and extent of the risk factors associated with ill-health, such a program can be devised."

30 December, 1982 CANBERRA.