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Grants for health services research and development

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P R E S S STATEMENT^ by the Federal Minister for Health 13le fl*i'


The Minister for Health, Mr Jim Carlton, announced today-

details of grants totalling $142 530 awarded for the research

and development of health services in Australia.

Mr Carlton said the grants were available for research

into the efficiency and effectiveness of health care delivery

and for the development of improved health services.

The awards included $102 769 for eight new projects and

$39 761 for five continuing grants approved by the Minister.

The new projects include a study of the relationship

of the occurrence of repetition injuries and other occupational

problems to factors in the work environment under a grant to

Monash University.

Mount Royal Hospital in Melbourne has been awarded a

grant to evaluate day care provisions for the elderly and to

examine the functioning of various types of day care organisations.

Health services to families will be examined under grants

to the University of Melbourne to identify factors affecting the

choice by parents in selecting primary medical care, and to the

Westmead Centre, Parramatta, to investigate different forms of

education of families of stroke and head injury patients

suffering from aphasia.

The problems of peritoneal dialysis in the home will be

studied under a two-year project at the University of NSW.

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Details of grants for new projects:

Repetition injuries in keyboard workers - Dr G. A. Ryan,

Monash University $22 375

Day care for the elderly - Ms.A. Howe, Mount Royal

Hospital (Melbourne) $14 094

Factors influencing parental choice of primary medical

. care for both their children and themselves -Dr D. Dunt, University of Melbourne $17 900

Education programs for families of aphasic patients -

. Ms E. Armstrong, Westmead Centre, Parramatta $17 500

Examination and prevention of complications in

continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis

patients - Professor P. C. Farrell, University

of NSW . $15 600

Aboriginal fertility decline situation surveys -

. Mr A. Gray, Australian National University $ 2 450

Clinical review in a private (not-for-profit) hospital

- Mr R. C. Willis and Professor R. R. Andrew,

St Frances Xavier Cabrini Hospital (Melbourne) $ 7 600

Development and evaluation of an early discharge scheme

for post natal patients - Professors C. Hudson and

G. R. Andrews and Mrs J. Beresford, University of

Sydney $ 5 250

$102 769

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Details of grants for continuing projects:

Information systems for hospital bed utilisation review .

- Professor G. R. Palmer, University of NSW $13 796

The role of home economics classes in nutrition

education - Ms M. Miller and Mr B. Margetts,

WA Institute of Technology $ 9 821

Hospital accreditation surveyor training - Mr W.

Cahill, Australian Council on Hospital

Standards ' $ 8 605

Evaluation of psychological, physical and financial

outcomes of crisis counselling of patients

during hospitalisation for acute illness or _

injury - Professor A. M. Clarke and Dr L. L.

Viney, University of Wollongong $ .4 49.2

Community hypertension control by a simple diet -Dr K. Doust, Capital Territory Health Commission $ 3 047

$39 761

CANBERRA: 13 September 1982