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Cattle Tick Committee of Inquiry

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Cattle Tick Committee of Inquiry

The Commonwealth Minister for Health, Senator Sir Kenneth

Anderson, said today that primary producer organisations, chemical

manufacturers, and all scientific bodies carrying out research on the

cattle tick, would be invited to give evidence to the Cattle.Tick

Cpmmittee of Inquiry, ·

Sir Kenneth Anderson said the Committee was set up on the

advice of the Cattle Tick Control Commission to conduct an Australia-wide

inquiry into the cattle tick problem. This action followieg^the

disturbing increase in tick populations resistant to modern insecticides

and the appearance in 1971 of ticks 100 miles south of the previous

quarantine boundary,

·' · The terms of reference require that the Committee should

enquire into

1. The present cost of cattle tick to the Australian

livestock industry including cost of control measures,

production losses, cost of interference with cattle

movements and trade and cost of research,

2. The effectiveness of present control measures in relation

to movements within States, interstate movements, containment

of resistant tick, eradication in New South Wales, and tick

fever prevention.


. 3. The feasibility of eradication procedures on a property,

district, State or national basis. .

4. The need for alternative methods of control with due

regard tq economics.

5. The adequacy of present research programmes relative

to the present problems and thie need for variation in research.

6. The administration of cattle tick control on a National and.

State basis, .

. At its first meeting on April 26, the Committee began its

review of the problem and made decisions concerning methods of further study.

Sir Kenneth Anderson said the Cattle Tick Control Commission

advises on departmental tick control policy in New South Wales.

The Chairman is Mr. R.W. Gee, Assistant Director-General

(Animal Quarantine) of the Commonwealth Department of Health. The.other '

members are Messrs R.A. Hall and A.L. Clay, Chiefs of the Divisions of

Animal Industry respectively in the New South Wales Department of

Agriculture and the Queensland Department of Primary Industries. .

Special advisers now appointed to assist the Commission in the

Inquiry are

Dr. R.H. Wharton and Mr. P.H. Durie of C.S.I.R.O.; Mr. J.N.

Henry of the New South Wales Department of Agriculture; Mr.,K.M. Grant

of the Queensland Department of Primary Industries and a representative

of the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. The Northern Territory and

Western Australia have been invited to appoint corresponding members.

/3 . . .


' Dr. R.N. McCulloch, former Director of the Cattle Tick

Research Station, Wollongbar, has been appointed Executive Officer

for the Inquiry. -

Canberra, 2 May 1972 Dept. No. 50