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New NH and MRC awards Australian post-doctoral fellowships and biomedical post-graduate scholarships

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The National Health and Medical Research Council is to

sponsor two new major awards in the field of medical research

in Australia.

The awards, tenable in Australia, are Post-Doctoral

Fellowships for training in clinical and basic research techniques

and Biomedical Post-Graduate Scholarships designed to encourage

science graduates to gain full time medical research experience.

. This year ten Fellowships and twelve scholarships have

"been awarded, totalling $240 000. .

In announcing the. recipients today, the Minister for

Health, the Hon. Michael MacKellar, said that the Australian

Post-Doctoral Fellowships recognised.that there are now many

areas of clinical and basic biomedical research in which Australian

investigators working in Australian Institutions had internationally

respected standards. As such it was no longer necessary for

research workers to go overseas to receive high standard research'

training in these fields. . .

Mr MacKellar said that the Biomedical Post-Graduate

Scholarships would encourage science graduates in Australia to

undertake a career in some field of medical research.

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Recipients of the awards are -


Recipient Proposed Study Place of Study

J.C. Bernstein Electrophysiology of - intestinal peptide neurons

Flinders University, S.A.

I. J. Clarke Neuroendocrine control

of gonadotrophin secretion

Prince Henry's Hospital Vic.

A.G. Coulepis Studies of Hepatitis A

Virus and Hepatitis B . infection - .

Fairfield Hospital, Melbourne, Vic. ,

A. J. Hodgson Diagnosis of neural

tube defects by measurement of neuron specific proteins in maternal serum and

amniotic fluid

Flinders University, S.A. .

N.A. .Jacques ' Expression of cell- associated and extra­ cellular enzymes in . oral streptococci

institute of Dental Research, Sydney

T. de; Kretser Production of human

tissue typing reagents University of Melbourne, Vic.

R.S. Mason Studies in Vitamin. D

. Synthesis and modes of action

University of Sydney, N.S.W.

R.B. Sewell Hepatic Lysosomal

physiology and patho­ physiology '

Austin Hospital, Melbourne, Vic.

M.L. Dyall-Smith Human rotavirus variation -University of Melbourne, Vic.

G.M. Ward Mechanisms of insulin

action in Diabetes Royal Melbourne Hospital, Vic.


_ >


Recipient Proposed Study Place of Study

P.A. Cossum ” Pharmacodynamics and Pharmacokinetics of aspirin and nitro­ glycerin in man

University of . Tasmania

N.A. Lavidis Presynaptic receptors their pharmacology, development and turnover

University of Sydney

A .0. Laws , The cell biology of

. the Leydig Cell

Monash University,. Melbourne

B . Lingwood Regulation of amnio-

tic fluid volume and composition

University of Melbourne

L. Mayner Visual Plasticity

of mammals

Monash University, Melbourne

M.J. Morris Adrenergic receptors

in cardio-vascular physiology,

Prince Henry's Hospital, Melbourne

R. Rajan Basis of noise-induced


University of Western Australia

E. Ranieri Trophic regulation in

sympathetic neurones Flinders University, S.A.

J.P. Robinson The application of. ■ , chemiluminescence to human blood cells

University of New . -

South Wales

P.J. Robinson Neuronal phospho- '

proteins and.neuro- transmission ‘

University of Newcastle

L. Wilton Sperm maturation in

the Epididymis

Monash University, Melbourne

R.L. Woods ,The role of vasopres­

sin in experimental Monash University, Melbourne ·

hypertension and cardio-vascular homeostasis

Canberra, 5 May 1981