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New pharmaceutical benefits

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Hydrocortisone topical creams and ointments, used for the treatment

of various skin conditions, will become available as pharmaceutical benefits from

August 1, the Minister for Health, Dr, Forbes, announced today. These preparations

are used extensively for the treatment of conditions such as eczema and various

forms of dermatitis. x

Lignocaine,which until relatively recently was used as a local

anaesthetic, but has been found to be useful' in the treatment of heart conditions

known as cardiac arrythmias, will be made available as a pharmaceutical benefit

for these conditions. .

Another new pharmaceutical benefit will be choline theophyllinate with

guaiphenesin, in oral tablet form, which is a bronchodilator preparation sometimes ”

useful in the treatment of asthma. '

A combination typhoid-cholera vaccine, requiring one injection, followed

by a booster injection usually from four to six weeks later, will become available.

An injection known as honey bee insect allergen will be made available

for the treatment of persons who suffer severe constitutional reaction to bee

stings. Dr. Forbes said not many people suffered severe reaction to bee stings,

but in such instances the result could be fatalr Patients receiving a course cf

insect allergen injections, which are administered in increasing strengths,

sometimes over long periods, build up a resistance to bee stings,.

All amphetamine preparations, whether in tablet or injection fqrm, are

to be removed from the list. Dr. Forbes said these preparations, known in tablet

form as "pep pills", were of limited therapeutic value, On the other hand they

were habit-forming and were the subject of national and international concern on

account of the extent to which they were being used illegally, and were emerging

as significant drugs of dependance. . .

The deletion of amphetamines from the list of benefits and the addition

of the other items were recommended by the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory


Canberra, July 28, 1969ยป

Departmental number 28.