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Statement issued by Minister's office to S.A. only

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: . ’hc: I ini st...v for Health, Mr Ralph Runt, today denied

allegations that dibank Private had been given priority

a approval ci new health insurance contribution rates

and that approval of the rates for the two major funds

in death Australia, Mutual Health and ΚΗ3Λ, had boon * , α ΐ ·Î¯ ’ -.···. · ί’ -· - — J - ·' *

'Prepcoal3 Pro::· funds had been dealt with as received

and there were a number of funds in other States which

ha 2 rates approved well before Medibank Private proposals

Had been considered' , Mr- Hunt said.

Hr Hurt said that a circular had been sent to all

health funds In July outlining the now arrangements to

apply from September 1 1979 and funds which had net

received approvals on their rates by now largely had · * “ V' ~ r·' c λ Ί *rr Ο Ο ν ' — * w _v. w if

Ph.e added that the 1 so-called directive1

lest issued by the Commonwealth Department of Health was

only the formal do-moment to give effect to requirements outlined in "die circular distributed in July,. The

funds wore merely using this in an excuse for sheer own

tardiness, Hr H-»r.t said.

- * 1

’ Poe July circular also clearly

ic require:: cuts which should io met

.v.dicatcd to funds

u. order that their

new rules, to apply from September 1, could be processed

•*s miickly as wvscible.. Some funds had not met those

requirements ar.d therefore those funds were requested to

supply appropriate rules and other necessary information

before consideration of their contribution rates from

de-ptem.ber - i could be finalised.