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New exotic diseases manual

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A .fully revised edition of the 'Exotic Diseases

of Animals - Manual for Diagnosis’ has been produced by the

Quarantine Division, Commonwealth Department of Health.

The manual is to be distributed to veterinarians

throughout Australia as- a continuing source of reference

to the many exotic diseases which are the concern o f the

Australian Quarantine Service.

Forty-six diseases are detailed in the manual,

which extends over 226 pages. .

The manual has been edited jointly by Dr E.L,

French, now retired, but formerly with the CSIRO Division

of Animal Health, Parkville, Victoria, and Dr W.A. Geering

of the Australian Bureau of Animal Health, at the request

of the Commonwealth Department of Health.

Contributions were obtained from veterinarians

throughout Australia who have particular expertise in the

diagnosis of specific diseases. Besides the comprehensive

guides to diagnosis, the manual gives detailed information

on the collection, preparation, packaging and forwarding of

specimens to laboratories, as well as general procedures

to be followed. The m ost·effective disinfectants for

each disease agent are dealt with at length.

There is a full list of those officers to be

contacted in the event of an outbreak of exotic disease of

animals. . .

The manual is also on sale at Australian Government

Publishing Service bookshops in each capital city and through

the Service's mail order department. ·

Canberra, 6 December 1978.