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Labor's policy on Uranium

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Νο.π· iooft Date 6 December 1977 THE HON. A NDREW PEACOCK M.P.


Mr Uren has been expressing surprise that uranium has not become a major election issue. This suggests he does not understand • the politics of his own party on this issue. '

Labor's campaign against the mining and export of uranium is virtually a one man show - and an amateurish one at that. Mr Uren almost always performs unaccompanied. Mr Whitlam, Mr Keating and M r .Hayden were much more vocal and enthusiastic

two years ago when they were proposing uranium mining and export than they are now as opponents to it. Political circumstances, rather than the facts about uranium, which were.all available in 1975, explain their complete turn-about. They are intellectually

embarrassed that these circumstances now force them to give lip-service to an untenable position. They have no intention of joining honest Tom out on a fragile and a brittle limb.

The choice facing the world is not one between developing nuclear energy and not developing it - the impending energy shortage has decided that. The choice now is between developing nuclear energy in such a way as to minimise the risk of nuclear . weapons proliferation and developing it in. a way, which, by

encouraging a plutonium economy, will maximise that risk. .

The Labor. Party has voluntarily made itself irrelevant to that issue.