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Minister to attend CIEC meeting

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No. m 31 Date 23 May 1977 THE HON. ANDREW PEACOCK M.P.


The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Andrew Peacock, will lead the Australian delegation to the Ministerial Meeting in Paris of the Conference on International Economic Cooperation (CIEC).

The Ministerial Meeting, to be held from 30 May to 1 June, will conclude CIEC which was inaugurated at a Ministerial Conference in Paris in December 1975.

CIEC had its origins in the developments which followed the quadrupling of the price of oil in late 1973. The oil price rise led to widespread recognition of the need to take a fresh look at a complex of problems

involved in relations between developing and developed countries, particularly energy, raw materials, development and financial affairs.

Mr Peacock said today: "CIEC has had considerable significance for both developing and developed countries: for the 19 developing countries participating it has held out the prospect of a new approach towards their problems;

and for the eight industrialised participants it has provided an opportunity for a constructive dialogue on energy issues where none had existed before - ..

"Since the oil price increase Australia has continued to emphasise the desirability of developing a dialogue to reconcile differences between the oil producers and consumers. As early as the Martinique Summit in December 1974 Australia welcomed the proposal for a

conference of oil importers and exporters for the purposes of initiating such a dialogue".

Mr Peacock said that as the initiative gathered momentum during 1975 Australia actively sough an invitation to participate in CIEC. The Prime Minister, Mr Fraser, sent a message in December 1975 to the inaugural meeting

of the conference applauding the initiative as a positive expression of the will among nations to seek progress through co-operative action. He pledged that Australia would co-operate fully in the discussions and would adopt a positive role in the activities of CIEC.

"Australia has sought to maintain this positive stance towards CIEC in accordance with our view of it as an important initiative in international relations," Mr Peacock said. ‘