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Agreement between Government of Australia and Government of Germany on scientific and technological cooperation

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. ' The Government of Australia and the Government of

the Federal Republic of Germany (hereinafter referred to as

the Contracting Parties),

. Desiring to strengthen the close and friendly

relations existing between their two countries, .

■ Considering their interest in promoting all

aspects of scientific and technological cooperation between

both countries for peaceful purposes and for their mutual

benefit, .

Wishing to cooperate by providing additional

opportunities to exchange ideas, skills, .and techniques, and

by collaborating on problems of mutual interest, '

• ■ Recognising the beneficial effects that such co­

operation can have on the quality of life and economic well­

being of the peoples of their respective countries,

- HAVE AGREED as follows: -

Article 1

■ ' . . · · ■ ' ' · '

The Contracting Parties shall facilitate and

. encourage scientific and technological cooperation for

peaceful purposes between civilian agencies and organisations

in the public and private sectors of each country.

Article 2 . .

(1) The Contracting Parties shall together determine which scientific and technological cooperation

should take place and the ways and means of promoting and

implementing such cooperation.. .

(2) The Contracting Parties may designate cooperating

. agencies for the purpose of implementing particular co­

operative programs and projects within the areas determined

in accordance with paragraph.1 of this Article. >-

(3) The Contracting Parties, or the appropriate co­

operating agencies as the case may be, may conclude separate

implementing arrangements specifying the terms, and conditions

of particular cooperative programs or projects, the procedures

to be followed, financial arrangements and other appropriate

matters. ' · . *' · ·

1 -

- 3-

Article 3 · · - ‘

■ - . -

The Contracting Parties shall, from time to time,

consult together for the purpose of reviewing the implement­

ation of this Agreement. · . ·

Article 4 . . .. . 1 . ■

Each Contracting Party, or designated cooperating

agency under a separate implementing arrangement, shall bear,

in accordance with its appropriate financial and budgetary

processes and subject to the availability of funds, the costs

of discharging its responsibilities under cooperative

programs or projects unless other arrangements are made.

Unless otherwise determined by the two Contracting Parties,

or designated cooperating agencies, the cost of visits and

exchanges shall be borne by the sending Contracting Party

or designated cooperating agency.

Article 5 .

, Subject to the approval-of both Contracting Parties ,

civilian agencies and organisations "of third countries may

participate in particular cooperative programs or projects.

- -4­

* Article 6

: . ί /

(1) Exchanges of information in the areas covered by

the present Agreement may take place either between the

Contracting Parties themselves or between the cooperating

agencies designated by them.

(2) Unless the Contracting Parties or cooperating • . i ■

agencies designated by them determine otherwise, scientific

information derived from cooperative projects or programs

under Article 2 of this Agreement shall be made available to

the world's scientific community through customary channels

/and in accordance with the normal procedures of each Contract­

ing Party or cooperating agency designated by them for the

particular activity. ' .

\3) . In some circumstances other conditions and

procedures for exchanges of information, including limitation

o*" preclusion of transfer to third parties may be agreed by

the Contracting Parties or the cooperating agencies. Such

other conditions and procedures shall be covered by separate

implementing arrangements as provided for in Article 2 (3)

of this Agreement. . ·


Article 7

. ■ · The transmittal of information and the supply, of

i · materials and - equipment under this Agreement or the separat e

_implementing arrangements concluded under Article 2 shall in

. no way render either Contracting Party liable to the other

. / with regard to the accuracy of the information transmitted or

the suitability of the articles supplied for a specific use,

" i 1 unless alternative arrangements have been made.

Article 8

Each Contracting Party shall, in accordance with

its laws and regulations, facilitate the entry into and stay

; within its territory of nationals of the other, and their

families, to pursue activities within the - framework of this

Agreement. .

.Article 9 - '

. The.determination by the Contracting Parties of

areas:in which scientific and technological cooperation may

take place in accordance with Article 2 of this Agreement

shall not affect other arrangements existing at the date of

signature of this Agreement or concluded thereafter.

Article 10

·- .Communications between the. Contracting Parties in

relation to matters of principle arising under this Agreement · · » . « ' " -

shall be made through diplomatic channels. Designated

cooperating agencies may communicate directly with each other.

. Article 11 . . . . · . ,

The present Agreement shall apply to Land Berlin,

provided that the Government of the Federal Republic of

Germany does not make a contrary declaration to the Government

of Australia within three months after the entry into force

of this Agreement.

. · ' *

.. Article 12 *

(1) The present Agreement shall enter into force on

the date on which each Contracting Party notifies the other

that its respective constitutional and other requirements ,-·

necessary to give effect to the Agreement have been complied

with.■ ^ ^ .

(2) * The Agreement shall remain in force initially for

five years, and· thereafter shall. remain in force until such

time as either Contracting Party has received written

notification from the other Contracting Party of its • ' . . .· . "·· ' . * '


intention to terminate the Agreement. In such case the

Agreement will cease to have effect six months after the .

receipt of* such notification. • : .· ' < · v

. ^ . " · «· ' .

(3) In the event of termination of this Agreement, its

provisions shall continue to apply in respect of any uncom­

pleted separate implementing arrangements entered into during

the period of validity of this Agreement. .

IN WITNESS whereof, the undersigned, duly authorised thereto

by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

Done at Canberra on Γ 7 Co

in two originals in the English and German languages,

both texts being equally authentic. .

U". .k/EGS7<>/V

For the Government

of Australia

ti. <3kOKE\£R

For the Government of the

Federal Republic of Germany