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Australian participation in World Population Year

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NQ D A T E 28 APRIL 1974


The Foreign Minister, Senator Don Willesee, today

released a statement on the Australian Population prepared by the Australian National Committee for World Population Year

for distribution at the World Population Conference in Bucharest later this year. -

The 22-page booklet, entitled "Australia's Population: Aspects and Prospects", surveys demographic trends and expectations in Australia, and economic and social features

relevant to population size, distribution and composition.

Senator Willesee said that the booklet had been designed to promote informed discussion on population issues and that it stressed facts.rather than policies.

.. The National Committee which produced the statement was set up at ministerial direction in 1973 to co-ordinate government activity for World Population Year (1974) and the World Population Conference.

It is not a policy making body and membership comprises representatives of appropriate Government Departments, the National Population Enquiry, the Australian Development

Assistance Committee and the Prime Minister's Adviser on Women's Affairs, Ms Elizabeth Reid. The Committee is chaired by the representative of the Department of Foreign Affairs.


The Minister said that in addition to the establishment of the National Committee the Australian Government had also called for a National Population

Enquiry, Professor W.D. Borrie of the Australian National University would direct , the Enquiry and.present his report during World Population Year.

The Australian Government had also pledged contributions to major international agencies concerned . with population planning.and research. The 1973/74 grants were:

$A 225,000 to the UN Fund for Population Activities $A 125,000 to the International Planned Parenthood Federation $A 18,000 to the Population Program of the OECD

Development Centre

and $A 10, International Union for the Scientific Study of Population

Senator Willesee said that Australians had played an active part in international activities associated with World

Population Year such as the World Fertility Study and the drafting of. a World Plan of Action for consideration by the Population:Conference.

Domestically, attention had been focused on population issues by various groups, such as the Australian

v/^ouncil. for Overseas Aid, which had sponsored a seminar on // Z World Population in Canberra, in August 1973. and the Macquarie

9 n

^//University which had conducted a Summer School on Family Planning Education early in.1974.


Further copies of the statement are available on request from the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Bureua of Statistics,