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Journalists' visas for Viet-Nam

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The Australian Erhhassy in Bangkok has informed us as follows; -

"Australian journalists in the past have been able to obtain

visas for South Viet-Nam at the South Vietnamese Embassy in

Bangkok with little difficulty- but this is no longer the case» . ■

"The Vietnamese Embassy in Bangkok has now been instructed to ^

refer all visa applications from· journalists to Saigon; the ^

Embassy has no discretionary powers at all» It takes about

. three weeks' for a reply to be received from Saigon and,

naturally, most journalists are unable to afford the time

or money to wait that long»

"We have had two recent instances of Australian journalists

unable to get visas in Bangkok despite our assistance» The

most recent was Mr Pat Burgess of the Sydney DAILY MIRROR» On

his behalf we sent a telegram to our Embassy in Saigon» As a

result a visa was.forthcoming but five days had elapsed and

Mr Burgess had already left»

"It is imperative that journalists seeking to visit Viet-Nam

should obtain their visas before leaving Australia»"

The Embassy of the Republic of Viet-Nam in Canberra advises

that applications for visas should be lodged, well in advance of proposed

travel dates, with the Embassy, 39 National Circuit, Forrest, A»C=T„ 2603»




pr 21 July 1972

Department of Foreign Affairs, July 1972. . - ■