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Home savings grants

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Canberra A.C.T



Although there uill be a delay in payment, applicants for Federal Government Home Savings Scheme grants will get their money in full.

The Federal Minister for Housing (Mr. Ray Groom) gave this assurance today.

Mr. Groom discounted an Opposition claim that there is no guarantee that applicants for home savings grants uill get their money even after the waiting period introduced by the Government.

He said people lodging applications uere being told that the grant uould be paid in July, 1979.

He said: 'A waiting time has been introduced but there is also a clear commitment to pay grants now being approved.1

Mr. Groom said another Opposition claim that $15 mill, of the $20 mill, for the scheme this year was already committed to pay grants on applications approved before June 30 was untrue.

He said grants approved in 1977/78 but carried over for payment in 1978/79 uere $2.65 mill. .

Mr. Groom said: 'There has been absolutely nothing underhand about the Home Savings Grant Scheme.

'Quite simply, it was a case of restricting the amount of money available because of the need for restraint in Government spending. 'And Opposition-inspired, irresponsible conjecture about the scheme being phased out did nothing to help. It produced a flood of applications from home-buyers wanting to get a grant in the period before the Budget..

'Let me say clearly, the scheme is going on and people uill get their grants ... and at the promised rate.

'Let me also say clearly that the Labor Party is knocking the scheme only because it has said several times that it uould throw it out'.

Mr. Groom said applicants uere being advised of the delay when they first applied and, after their applications were processed, were being told by personal letter when their grant uould be paid and how much it would be.

He said he hoped people needing the money urgently could make arrangements with banks to use the letter of advice to help get bridging finance.