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Apprentice training in Commonwealth establishments

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The Hon. Ian Viner, MP


The Minister for Employment and Youth Affairs, Mr Viner, today

announced that the Government had directed all Commonwealth

establishments employing apprentices to recruit in 1979 sufficient apprentices to meet their own tradesmen needs.

"As a result of this direction it is expected that an additional

230 apprentices will be taken on in excess of the already planned 1979 intake of 1,200. Additional funds will be provided to achieve this objective, and additional, instructors will be

recruited as necessary.

"An initial survey conducted recently revealed the need for an

additional intake and action will commence immediately to

ensure rapid recruitment of these apprentices.

"Commonwealth establishments will also be requested to play

their part in employing apprentices who, for no fault of their

own, have been retrenched from their apprenticeship by a private

employer. They will be asked to do this by taking these

apprentices as casual vacancies occur in their apprentice quotas.

"Further, the Government has asked my Department to conduct an

in-depth survey of surplus facilities in Commonwealth establishments for trade and other types of training. The

Government favours the use of such facilities, which are surplus

to its own requirements, for the training of apprentices for

industry," Mr Viner said.

"My Department will be reporting to me on the extent to which

such surplus facilities are available and could be used for

this purpose."


"These actions on the part of the Commonwealth will match the

call I have made to all employers in the private'sector to

look to their recruitment and training needs. We must seek ways to employ more young people, including apprentices. . In the case ' ' \ ' · ' ■

of apprentices I hope employers are all aware of the tax free

assistance available under the CRAFT Scheme to assist with the

costs of release to technical education and of off-the-job

training of apprentices.

"In addition, I have directed my Department to do its utmost to

ensure that all 400 apprentice places budgeted for under the

Group One-Year Scheme are filled in 1979. Through this scheme

apprentices indentured with private employers are placed for

first-year training at Commonwealth expense with Commonwealth

establishments. .

"Together with the Commonwealth, the States and private employers

can do much to maximise the employment of apprentices at a time when there is a demand for skilled tradesmen in many areas and



23 January 1979