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Expansion of Greenwood job centre services

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■EXPANSION of g r e e n w o o d JOB CENTRE 'SERVICES 3|7θ

The Minister for Employment and Youth Affairs, Mr Ian

Vincr, today announced the commencement of a Job Squad

project to operate from the recently opened Job Centre

at Greenwood„

Mr Viner said: "The Job Squad is a further step in the

continuing expansion of the facilities offered by the

Commonwealth Employment Service." .

"The Squad will be led by Centre Manager Terry Lemmon,

and manned by four experienced employment officers who

will advise employers on current manpower programs,

training subsidies and the wide range of job-placement

and other employment services available to them at the

Greenwood Centre." ' _

/ '■ ■ ' · ·

Mr Viner said that the Squad would carry out an intensive

two-week door-to-door canvass of about 600 employers -

m ainly in the retail, small manufacturing and commercial

fields - seeking job vacancies in the developing northern

suburbs of Perth. The vacancies found in this way will ·

put the Commonwealth Employment Service in a much better

position to help job 'seekers. The project is to commence

on Monday 22 January and will cover an area from Warwick,

west of Wanneroo R o a d , through to Wanneroo itself and up

to" Two R o c k s . '

He said: "Many employers in the area may not yet be

aware of the new Job Centre in the Greenwood Village

shopping complex but the Job Squad will put that right."

"It will show employers in the area that the Job Centre

is there and is designed for their benefit and to help

them with their employment requirement."