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Grants for child care research

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Him steB* for Education

Parliament House Canberra, A.C.T. 2 6 0 0

Put? 2 December 1973


The Acting Minister far Education, Mr. Lionel Bowen, today- announced details of the second series of grants made under the new program of child care research,,

The total value of the grants is $181,773 for twenty projects to be undertaken during 1974 „

The grants have been recommended by the Advisory Committee on Child Care Research established in April 1973 under the chairmanship of Professor W.B. Macdonald of the University of Western Australia.

The projects include research in the- area of child development and behaviour from 0-5 years, child day care provision and - facilities, the effects of all-day care both on the child and his family as well as several projects in the area of after­

school and holiday care for children of school age=

' Pilot programs of after school creative activities will be developed in two projects involving after-school and holiday centres for children of working parents and without after­ school supervision.

Two studies will produce much needed resource material on film and video tape, recording behaviour in early infancy,,

Studies in Sydney, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane will survey present needs and various possible kinds of future provision for child care in those cities.

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Details of the grants are as follows :



Mr B

Dr G

Dr A.


J. A. Adamson, Lady Gowrie Child Care Centre, Melbourne $9, 452

A review of furniture and equipment for use by children in pre-school and day-care centres with recomendations.

(This project will review all items of furniture and major indoor and outdoor equipment in kindergartens ' and day care centres having regard to the safety, · ■ · comfort, fitness to purpose, suitability and good design and will re-assess present standards and ■

recommend furniture and equipment needed for children from infancy to school age when cared for outside the home.) .

E. J. Burden, Salisbury College of Advanced Education, and R. Teasdale, The Flinders University of South Australia $6,954

Construction of an infant and pre-school, child ...... . development record. '

(This project aims to produce a n 'infant and pre-school child development record which can be used by teachers, supervisors and para-professional personnel in Child Care Centres and other institutions dealing with

infants and pre-school aged children.)

M. Burns, Macquarie University, N.S.W, $6,123

Family Day Care Service in the Sydney area: ‘' ' ' A feasibility study.

(This proposal is concerned with the implementation of family day care services by means of a register of suitable people prepared to undertake the minding of pre-school children in the minder's home, under the aegis of a local government or similar authority which supplies guidance, advice and equipment and

arranges placements. Initially assessments will be carried out in one outer area, Hornsby, and one inner area, Leichhardt. )

R. C. Combes, Australian Council for Educational Research, Victoria §14,2-57

Resource material for adults concerned with the care, development and education of children in early infancy:: production of suitable films. tapes''ana slides (Films/will be produced showing adults with children

in the first months of life, in action, in an endeavour to provide models of adult behaviour as well as illustrations of children's behaviour at each major- stage of their/development.)

early .

. . . / 2


Ms M. Crowley and Ms A. Spooner, Brisbane Kindergarten ' Teachers 1 College, $8,329

Community needs and facilities in child ■

*' care for children under 15, in the

Brisbane area, . ,

(An estimate of the needs for child care · ' ·

across socio-economic groups and an investigation of existing community facilities in terms of -

buildings, equipment and personnel, with emphasis on school-age children's needs in aftervschool and holiday situations.) · -

Mr J.S. Cullen, N.S.W. Association for Mental Health, $8,967

Mothers' Child-Care preferences ·

(This study will examine the attitudes of mothers of pre-school children to work and what their preferences are regarding the care of their children.) . ■

Mrs P. E. Deutscher, The Harris Centre, Ultimo, N.S.W. $5563

■ - Ultimo school and community project.

(This community based project in the inner city ‘ area of Ultimo-Pyrmont will develop a program . of after school creative activities with the co-operation of all the schools in the area.

The report of the study will outline the programs . and activities developed and evaluate the procedures and achievements and be useful as a ■ · · guide to other- communities --attempting to establish.,.. .

similar centres. It is hoped to produce an audio-visual presentation.recording activities in the project for use by the local community and other interested groups.)

Mrs B. M. Fearn-Wannan, State College of Victoria, Institute of Early Childhood Development $9217

A study of attitudes of parents to the all day care their children are experiencing.

(This project aims to assess to what extent the existing subsidized day nurseries in Victoria · are meeting the needs and expectations of the parents who make up their clientele. The study ' will also provide a wider view of the families *

and the homes that the day nursery serves.) '

Mr and Mrs Grant Featherston, Industrial Designers, . ' Ivanhoe, Vic. $11,970

Child Care Play-learning environments.

(This study aims to systematically investigate . the psychological and developmental needs of ■ . children 0-5 years old, with a view to ■ .

proposing guidelines for optimum variety development of play-learning environments.)

- 3 -

Pastor R. J. Frisken, N'.S.W. Baptist Theological College 85,304

Curricular development for after school . creative activity cchild care centre:

*' (A pilot scheme will be set up to develop a .

program suitable for an after school activity ’ centre in the St Marys area, initially for . boys and girls in the 10-12 years age group. It will include a wide range of activities . and hobbies, in a relatively unstructured

program available to children otherwise without supervision in the after school period.. The findings of this study should assist in the setting up of other similar centres.)

Mr G. A. Gray and Dr K. L. Underwood, University of .

New South Wales 86,600

A vocational development approach to improving the selection and training ■ of pre-school teachers.

• · ■ . · (The .project aims to evaluate .the selection . procedure which has been used for a number '

. of years in the selection of pre-school ·

teacher trainees at the Nursery School * - . Teachers' College, Newtown, N.S.W.)

Rev. G. M. Gregory, Methodist Department of Child Care, . Vic. 815,689

Establishment and evaluation of an

• · · · ■ · ■·'■·â–  ■ experimental .parents and children .... . , .

. centre.

(The program envisaged has several components which represent different ways of meeting the needs of pre-school aged children (0-5) ' and their parents with the overall - goal of

promoting family life, including a day care centre with places for emergency and casual day care, play and recreational groups and the . establishment of a mother and child cottage.)

Dr B.H. Jeanes, Mothers and Babies Health Association, ■ South Australia 87,348

The effects of various types of care on child development in one-parent families.

(The object of this investigation is to see whether there are any differences in over-all development detectable .in children of one Parent families, according to whether the child remains with the . mother, is cared for by relatives or friends, ■ is placed in a child care centre or is cared

, . for by a private child minder.)

- 4 -

Miss W. Kohlhoff, After-School Care Committee, Waverley Municipal Council, New South Y/ales $5,350

Investigation into the need for after * school care.

(The project calls for a detailed investigation ' of the needs for after school care, the numbers .

and age groups of the children, the possible locations for centres in the Waverley and especially the Bondi Beach area.) ·

Dr A. little, Child Study Centre, University of Western -■ Australia $15»4d0

. Observing and recording child behaviour ' . · a video tape study of children 18 to

30 months.

. (Films will be produced on video tape recording

the behaviour and interaction of mother and of . children in "the 2-3 year old group, and would ' be available to parent and community groups ' .

· · ■ -and training -colleges to help .in the .preparation of special programs for this age-group child.)

Ms R. A. Nairn, ^a^b^rra College of Advanced Education * .$12,621

A comparative study of attachment in ■ full-time day-care and home-care - -

~ children, 15 months to 3 yesrs old. ' ' . . ·

(A study of the effects of day care on children ...... ..under three ...years and an assessment of whether such care inhibits the formation of primai; y .. ' ...... attachment or whether it increases the likelihood

that a child's primary attachment will be- insecure.)

Mr:D. Novick, Education Department of South Australia $8,1.4 5

The demand for child care: Metropolitan - Adelaide.

- (The S.A. Departments of Education, and of

Community Welfare and the Kindergarten Union - • of S.A. have jointly sponsored this project and will supply the staff for an extensive survey of present and future availability and

demand for Kindergarten and Child Care facilities including extended hours child care, and the .

needs and attitudes of minority groups,including ' children ifrom non-English speaking countries.

Miss M.C·. O'Callaghan, University of Tasmania 6 1 9,300

An investigation into the feasibility and advisability of community-involved family day care programs for children.

' (The general aim of the project·is to stimulate the interest of local government authorities . ■ · in Tasmania in becoming involved in family · support services with particular emphasis on .

.child care. This project will establish a ' . .

model within a selected local government area' to illustrate how family day-care services can, be organised as a community--based undertaking.)

Ms K. Steinmets, and Ms C.C. Ingersoil, Primary School, Randwick .$4,300

The Randwick School Recreational Centre : an evaluation of its - achievements and programs after' its initial year and during its second ■

. year with extended facilities.

(The centre 'was set up one year ago by staff, « . parents and the community associated with the school as a cultural, social and recreational centre for children, many of whom live in unit

blocks and 50y> of whom have parents born out­ side Australia. The grant will enable the centre to expand its activities and to evaluate its program in the first two years.

Mr B.M. Wilson'," "Kedron· Park "Teachers College,1 Queensland · 8974

Supervised playground versus home background in. child development.

(This project aims to evaluate the effectiveness of after school arid holiday day care for school - age children attending the Bedford Playground (Springhill) which is run on a seven-day a week

basis with no cost to the child..) · ,

FURTHER INFORMATION: Charles Belts 884024 (Home) Beth Moran 817164 (Work)