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The States Grants (Schools) Bill introduced today

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Parliament House Canberra, A .C.T. 2 6 0 0


15 November, 1973· IMMEDIATE RELEASE


The States Grants (Schools) Bill was introduced in the House of Representatives today by the Acting Minister for Education, Mr. Lionel Bowen.

The States Grants (Schools) Bill is one of the most significant documents in the history of Australian education.

-It implements the financial recommendations of the first Interim Committee for the Schools Commission (the Karmel Committee), greatly increasing Australian Government financial assistance to primary and secondary schools.

In the first two years of this program, 1974 and 19753 $466 million will be available t,o government schools and $198 m.

to non-government schools.

This compares with an expenditure of approximately

$110 m. in the last two years of the McMahon Government, and with a probable expenditure of $230 m. ($100 m. for government schools and $130 m. for non-government schools) if the programs

of the McMahon Government had operated in 1974 and 1975·

Grants will be distributed on the basis of need, and will be available under seven headings :

General Recurrent Grants

General Building Grants Libraries Disadvantaged Schools

/ 2

2 .

Special Education

Teacher Development

Fostering Change

The funds available for these programs are additional to the amounts the States will spend from their own resources. Additional net cost of the Interim Committee's recommendations

is $468.5 m. , but the Australian Government will also meet the relatively low cost of existing programs implemented by . previous governments.

Money will be available to all Australian schools under most of the programs.

All schools will be encouraged to take part in the

programs for special education for the physically and mentally handicapped, for teacher development, and for educational innovation.

All schools will be free to apply for grants for libraries and virtually any other building project. The States Grants (Schools) Bill reflects some of the basic themes in the Government's education policy: that there should be minimum acceptable standards for all Australian schools, and that to this end, grants will be given first to those

schools which most need aid; that special measures need to be taken to improve the standards of disadvantaged schools, and

for the education of the physically and mentally handicapped;

and that educational innovation should be encouraged by Australian Government funding of special projects.


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