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Advanced education research grants

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Assistance for a number of significant research

projects into aspects of tertiary education has recently

been announced by the Minister for Education, Mr Kim E. Beasley.

The grants, eleven in number, totalling $116,966

have been allocated from the $250,000 Unmatched Research

Grant available to the Australian Commission on Advanced

Education for research and investigations into a wide range

of problems of advanced education. Mr Beasley said that a

continuing program of research and investigation directed

towards the specific needs and problems of development in a

rapidly growing system of advanced education remains an

essential part of the government’s plan to upgrade education

opportunities'in Australia.

The approved-projects, which were announced by

the Minister, the names of the chief researchers and the

amount of each grant are: .

1. Mr A. J. Brown, Chief Librarian, Central Library,

- South Australian Institute of Technology,and

Mr R. C. Sharman, Deputy State Librarian,

. South Australia. . -

Project: A study of the feasibility of

establishing a community library service based

on the library of a college of advanced

education Cost $7,700

. . . / 2


2. Mr John Dean, Head of Department of library Studies,

Western Australian Institute of Technology. ·

Project: An investigation into the feasibility of

constructing qualitative and quantitative measures

of adequacy of college of advanced education library .

collections as a guide, to the future planning of

such collections throughout Australia. Cost $11,500

3. Professor D. Fitzgerald, Professor of Education,·

University of New England.

Project: The effect of controlling and systematizing

the analysis and feedback phase of micro'-teaching on

teaching behaviour. Cost $7,019

4. Mr B.C. Horne, Senior Educational Officer of the

Education Research and Student Services Unit,

Gordon Institute of Technology.

Project: Characteristics and performance of second

year engineering students in Victorian colleges of

advanced education - a follow-up study. Cost $4,000

5. Mr A. E. le Marne, Head of the Educational Technology

Unit of the Information Resources Centre, Riverina

College of Advanced Education.

Project: The establishment of a group controlled

audio-visual system of structured problem solving

in statistics. Cost $12,500

6. Miss N. F. J. Morris, Senior Lecturer in Humanities,

Technical Teachers' College, Melbourne.

Project: Communication - The development of an -awareness unit for teachers. ■ Cost $1,116

. ../3

- 3 -

7 q Dr R. Parsons, Head of the School of Nursing, -

New South Wales College of Paramedical Studies.

Project: To develop a pilot course in tertiary-level basic nurse education. Cost $9,000

8. Mr G. W. Pullan, Head of the Department of Drama

and Communication, Salisbury College of Advanced

. Education.

Project: Research into methodological link(s)

between creative drama and media studies (film and

television) in primary schools Cost $2,131

9. Mr B . W . Smith, Computer Consultant, Canberra and ■

Mr B. Z. de Ferranti-, Chairman, Perspective

Management Services Pty Ltd, Sydney.

Project: Computer education needs and resources

at tertiary level. ' Cost $37,000

10. Mrs E. Stecher, Senior Librarian, Royal Melbourne _

Institute of Technology. .

Project: Suitable methods, of production of

catalogues for colleges of advanced education

libraries from computer based data files. Cost $9,200

. « A

- 4 -

11. Dr W. Stern, Head of Department of Chemistry,

New South Wales Institute of Technology,

Mr K. J. Doyle, Assistant Registrar,

New South Wales Institute of Technology,

Mr R. S. Davie, Assistant Director (Engineering

and Applied Science), Swinburne College of

Technology and Mr J„ K 0 Russell, Head of

Production Engineering, Swinburne College of

Technology. '

Project: Development of co-operative/sandwich

education in Australia. ' Cost $15*800



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