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Education Authority for the A.C.T.

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gParliament House Canberra, A.C.T. 2 6 0 0 BOH

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May 31 , 1973

^ An independent panel has recommended an interim Authority to he responsible for Government schools and pre-schools in the A.C.T,

The Authority will eventually become a statutory body.

The panel's report was tabled today (May 3l) by the Minister for Education, Mr. Kim E. Beazley.

In March Mr. Beazley announced that the Government would establish an education authority when the Hew South Wales Department of Education ceases to be responsible for the A.C.T. schqols at the end of 1973.

He appointed the panel to receive and assess submissions from educational and community interests about the reponsibilities of the Authority and its organisation.

"I will consider the panel's report and then make recommend­ ations to the Government", Mr. Beazley said. ·

"This will be done promptly to permit early action to establish the Authority in the form approved by the Government."

. The principal recommendations of the panel are : '

. A Council of the Education Authority will direct policy and administration of government pre-school, primary, secondary, . special and evening college education. Initially it will be " responsible to the Minister for Education.

. The Council will have eight part-time members nominated as follows: the Government (2), the A.C.T. Commonwealth Teachers' Federation (2), the A.C.T. Council of Parents and Citizens . Associations (2), Canberra Pre-School Society (l), A.C.T. Advisory Council (l),together with the full-time professional head of the Authority - the Chief Education Officer.

. The Chief Education Officer will be selected by the Council.

. Boards will be established to control each Government school with powers delegated by the Authority, including determination of broad school policies, budgeting and use of funds, and discretion in employment of professional and non-professional ’ staff. Members of the school boards will be elected.


. The Authority will establish formal machinery for discussions and negotiations about relationships between Government and non-government sectors. ■

. An interim Council in the same form as the permanent Council · . will be established as soon as possible and will have the services of an eminent educationist as an interim chief executive officer assisted by two full-time officers. ·

. The interim Council will develop policy for the changeover , from the present system and may establish advisory and consultative committees.

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