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UNESCO energy symposium

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The Premier of South Australia, Mr Dunstan, will

open a symposium on "Energy and How We live" being held by

the Australian Unesco Committee for Man and the Biosphere

on Tuesday May 15 at Flinders University. .

The Man and the Biosphere programme emphasises

international scientific co-operation betweejpr Unesco

member states. "

One of the projects which the Australian M.A.Bo

committee is concentrating on is "Ecological aspects of

energy utilisation in urban and industrial systems". .

As part of this project the symposium "Energy

and How We Live" is to be' held over three days from 16 to

18 May at the Flinders University of South Australia.

•The objective of the symposium is a better

understanding of the factors■underlying energy consumption

by human societies « .

Energy sources, the reserves available and their

environmental impact will be explored.

The areas covered by the symposium will be:

(1) Basic human needs and their energy use


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(2) Energy utilisation in global perspective;

(3) Ways of improving energy use efficiency; and

(4) Energy use in the future.

The symposium will be attended by scientists,

academics, representatives of private industry, government

employees and other experts in the field.

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