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Panel on A.C.T. Education Authority to visit New Zealand

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Mr Phillip Hughes, Chairman of the Assessment

Panel on the AoC.T. Education Authority, said today that

the Minister for Education. Mr Beazley, had agreed to

two members of the Panel visiting New Zealand next week

to conduct an examination of the operation of school

boards and community participation in education

administration in Wellington and Christchurch.

There were, he said, many features of the New

Zealand education system which were similar to those

proposed in the Departmental paper on the Education

Authority including council control of schools^ community

participation in policy decisions and school management,

and the existence of a national teaching service.

The Panel believed that the evidence available

during this visit would greatly assist in evaluating

proposals and submissions now being received.

Members of the Panel making the visit are

Mr Hughes,and Mr David Hunt, President of the Tasmanian

Teachers Federation.

They will be accompanied by the Panel’s

Executive Officer. Mr B. Peck, and will leave Australia

on 14 April, staying in New Zealand for 5 days.

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