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Review of professional staffing in territory schools

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jB/September 1976 76/38


Details of the review of profession! staffing in ACT and Northern Territory schools are expected to be announced at the end of the month, a spokesman for the Department of Education said today.

He said the Head of the School of Teacher Educettion at the Western Australian Institute of Technology, Dr W D N e a l , and the Assistant Director-General of the Victorian Department of Education, Mr A T Hird, had

completed their investigations and were now drafting their report. .

The review took place in July and August. Dr Neal and Mr Hird visited schools in the ACT and the NT in urban and remote areas.

Submissions were received from groups and individuals and discussions were also held with teachers and representatives of interested organisations and Government departments. ·

Inquiries: David Green 897414 (W)

480963 (AH)