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Women's issue of education news

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3/7 6 19 January 1976


Marriage and family life have degenerated into a kind

•of mindless, cultural gully trap, according to a'leading

Melbourne p s y c h o l o g i s t , Mr Ronald Conway,

Mr Conway, of St "Vincent’s Hospital, says in the .latest

issue of Education News, an Australian Department of Education

publication,' that people are sliding into this gully trap as

a matter of social reflex rather than mature'reflection,

"The recent tumult over.the Commonwealth Family Law Bill

completely overlooked the fact that the chief problem of ■

intersex mating patterns in our culture is not to obtain :

easier divorce but to dissuade the uninitiated, the naive

and the temporarily infatuated from marrying rashly in the

first p l a c e " , Mr C o n w a y said, . ’ '

He points out that the rocketing incidence of divorce

in Western societies is part of a larger picture which

includes the highest incidence of marriage since statistics

have been recorded, . .

He draws on a study of "formerly married" people by

Morton H u n t , who feels that the contradiction of i n c r e a s i n g ■

rates of both marriage and divorce indicate a desire not

merely to be married but to be "happily m a r r i e d " . .


Conway's article discusses five problems in society

which lead to marital p r o b l e m s : the Derelict Father, the

Magna Mater, Female Saviour, Premature Womanising and' '

Compulsive Marrying syndromes. · . '

It is a hard-hitting and provocative essay in an issue '

of Education News devoted to women in education.

Other contributors include Shirley Samps,on, a lecturer

in the Faculty of Education at Monash· University ("Sex .

role enculturation in the school"), Susan Ryan, a recently

elected Senator for the ACT ("International Women's Year

and e d u c a t i o n " ) , Ailsa, Zainu'ddin, senior lecturer in

education at Monash University ("Reflections on the history

of women's education in A u s t r a l i a " ) and many others.

•A series of articles looks at educationally underprivileged

groups of women - Aboriginal, elderly, isolated and m i g r a n t .

I n q u i r i e s : Colin B r a m m a l l , 062-897309(w) 887519(h)

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from the Department of Education, PC Box 826, Woden, 2606.

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