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Future needs of Telopea Park High School

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Department of Education

File No. 15/74 For Release: 16 May 1974


The Department of Education released today the.text

^ of its letter to the National Capital Development Commission

concerning the claim hy Telopea Park High School for Section

36, Forrest.

A spokesman for the Department said today the letter

followed a request from the Commission for the department's

advice on the future requirements of the school for additional

recreation space and sporting facilities.

The Department sought the views of the school, the

Telopea Park Interim School Board and the Interim ACT Schools

Authority before offering its advice to the Commission.



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8 MAY tS74

Secretary and Manager, · National Capital Development Commission, ■p λ Box

CANBERRA CITY/ ' 2601 . ' ·

Telopea Park High School.

■ Your 73/1209 of- 29 April sought this ■ '

Department's views on aspects of the claim by the Telopea Park High School for Section 36, Forrest. You asked for ' advice on the following matters - . ·

• . 'What are the school's justified needs

. for additional recreation space and . sporting facilities. ''

. How does the Department see the existing

school site and any additional area (Section 36) being developed to meet those needs. . ' . '

. Is the present plan acceptable to the

Department and if not can the additional ■ facilities, if they differ from those now _ . proposed be accommodated in that part of

. ' Section 36 now defined for school purposes.

As foreshadowed in the Department's interim reply, discussions have been held with the school on its programs and priorities in the sporting, recreation and other physical education areas. Discussions have also ■

been held with representatives of the A.C.T. Schools Authority and the. Telopea 3?ark Interim School Board.

2 .

The existing facilities at the school have been assessed and the following additional facilities are considered by the Department to be the school's justified needs for additional recreational space and

sporting facilities'. " '

1 . -An additional field ar.ea suitable for hockey, soccer and general field ■ ' '

. . activities, such as softball. The

present school oval is not large enough ■ to accommodate tuo. playing fields,·which ' are necessary for effective implementation

' of the school's physical education and

sporting programs. In connection with this point it is relevant to .note one matter which has been brought to the Department's ' attention by the school since the meeting of • . . 26 1’ebruciry. This is the sub-standard

' condition of the facilities at York Park:' "·:' . . and that.the area is designated "for ’ development for national purposes" and will not continue to be available for school use.

2. Two tennis courts. .The school presently

has two clay courts;'· these should be re­ ' built and two add.itional courts provided.

3. One additional basketball court. The

present courts are in a poor condition and should be reconstructed. Damage from tree roots is extensive.. Action will be required to prevent recurrence of.this problem.

. . 4. Additional open grass areas for netball, ·

volleyball and throwing areas as required. This should be a general purpose sporting and piety area.


the large number of trees on the present site which reduce the flexibility of usage, and the probable impending loss of areas in York Park.

• 7.3


3 .

' The Department has also taken into account

the following additional building work needed at t h e · school during the next few years - , ·

. 1. Hew library and Canteen - to be located '

in the central courtyard area.

2. Hevi art and craft facilities - to .

' replace the present temporary buildings,

. possibly located adjacent to the domestic

science area.

• ' 3. Hew gymnasium - preferably close to the '

. present assembly hall and utilising common

_ change room facilities.

< m ■ . · . ■

' . . - 4· Upgrading of teaching and staff areas to

■ provide a more satisfactory learning

• · · ■ ■ environment inside the building. . ·

Additional on site parking facilities for staff,, visitors and for community use, would also be ' required. The Department has also assumed that the school's facilities will be "available for community use under the normal conditions applying to this type of use. · .

Your memorandum -refers to "the Commission's ■ scheme" and "the present plan" and asks whether these acceptable and if not whether the additional facilities now proposed can be accommodated in that part of Section 36 "now defined for school purposes".

• Clearly the additional facilities required

by the Department cannot be accommodated on the present · school" site. Possible ways by which the additional areas - required might be provided include the use of -- Section 36, Forrest;

- · ' an area created by the closure of r

. part of New South Wales Crescent; .

- block 10 of Section 34· " " " "

The use of the existing site would also need to be reassessed. '

The Department looks to the Commission to suggest a method by which these- requirements can be satisfactorily met, and would be glad to enter into discussion with the Commission on this matter. -

(IC. N. Jones). Secretary