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Education for school librarianship

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M.L.C. Tower ,

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File No.: 10/74 · For Release: 28 February, 1974


A book detailing the proceedings, findings and

recommendations of a national workshop on school'librarianship

held in Canberra in 1972 was available from the Department of

Education, a department spokesman said .today. ■ · ·

The attractive publication is entitled "Education

for School librarianship". .

The workshop was organised by the department to obtain

expert advice on the most'desirable education for school

librarians« '.

■ It was the first national workshop of its. kind held

in Australia * '

The thirty-five participants were drawn from State

education departments, non-government schools, tertiary

institutions operating courses for school librarians, the

library Association, of Australian and the Australian School

library Association. , .

' "Education for School librarianship" is designed to

provide useful information for teritary institutions

considering the introduction of school librarianship courses

but would be of interest also to those concerned with school

libraries and education generally. . '

It would be a valuable addition to most libraries.

The Department of Education announced also the

revision of the publication "The Design of Science Rooms".


. . . . - > W t r ~ * ! W E · · - < r v - . ·

The book was prepared by the Commonwealth Advisory

Committee on Standards for Science Facilities in Independent

Secondary Schools. ' .

The revision has been made mainly to cater for the

change from imperial to metric units„ ' ■ .

The committee has reviewed also laboratory designs

in the light of changing approaches to science teaching.

Existing legislation provides for the current Science

Facilities program"to conclude on June 30, 1975. .

It will have provided a total of $123.3 million for

government and non-government schools by that time.