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Mr Beazley has shown courage in agreeing with the Government

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13 October 1972 PRESS STATEMENT

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Mr Beazlev has shown courage in agreeing with the Government that he would not give mlmber Ί educational priority to abolition of university fees.

He rightly points out that this would be expensive. . In addition. Mr Beazley has probably shown an ability to understand the real consequences of such a move.

Why should the average Australian worker representing the great bulk of tax payers. provide % . free education for future doctors, lawyers and others who/£irrering the professions and who should thus be amongst the more highly ' paid people in the community if they put their university education to good effect?

Mr Whitlam, a lawyer who does not come from a labour background, has never been able to see the contradiction of a member of the Waterside Workers' Federation helping to provide a free education for lawyers.

If I immediately had available additional funds for education I believe I could allocate them to areas of vuch higher priority than the abolition of university and college fees.

Much as I am delighted to see Kim Beazley agreeing with the Government, I regret he has done so, for his own sake.

It will make it all the easier for those who oppose his personal view to lobby against him in any election to the front bench of the Labor Party. And we all know who is standing in the wings itching to take his place.

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